The people of Kasabonika have lived on the traditional lands of the Kasabonika Lake area since time immemorial.


Our homes were made of wooden logs and had deep cellars lined with grass, strategically located under the wood stove. These cellars allowed us to store nutritious fruits, vegetables, smoked meat and fish, providing the security of a healthy diet through the long harsh winters of Northern Ontario. In the past, resources from the land were essential for our survival and waste was not an option.


As contact with those from outside the Kasabonika Lake area increased, we traded fur to purchase goods such as flour and sugar from the general store. In fact, fur trade became a large part of our survival strategy. Gaming and hunting provided our people with valuable animal pelts that were a greatly sought-after commodity.


The people of Kasabonika Lake could always live and prosper from the natural gifts of the land. Independence and self-reliance were highly valued and treasured attributes.


The day-to-day survival of our people depended on the unity of the community. Coming together and working with each other to provide food, shelter, clothing, recreation and support contributed to the well-being of every family within the community.


Today, as in the past, we are continuously seeking ways to work together to improve our quality of life, while increasing our self-reliance in a new social and economic world.



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