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The KLFN Chief and Council, Resource Development Planning Board (RDPB), the Kasabonika Lake Community Development Corporation, and the Kasabonika Minerals Corporation all follow a set of principles that were developed in 2007 and reflect our community values:

  • Our Culture and Way of Life shall be protected
  • The Environment shall be protected.
  • Our Aboriginal, Constitutional and Treaty rights shall be protected.
  • Developments in our territory must benefit our people. 

More recently we have taken these values and articulated how this in practical terms applies to our land. The result was our statement of Prevenient Interests developed in 2008.

“Prevenient Interests” are those interests of the Kasabonika Lake First Nation that exist because, since time immemorial, their peoples, by appointment of the Creator, have been stewards of the Traditional Territory.  Within that stewardship the Kasabonika Lake First Nation peoples developed uses for the Traditional Territory that are the basis of their livelihood, their spiritual and cultural development, and their communal wealth, thus having created an inseparable parallel between the wellbeing of the Traditional Territory and the wellbeing of the Kasabonika people.

The sheltering, renewal and development of uses for the Traditional Territory cannot be delegated, but are interests that must form an integral part of any enterprise within the Traditional Territory. Any development, including the development of infrastructure, resource harvesting, mining, manufacturing and tourism, within the Traditional Territory must align with the Prevenient Interests of the people of the Kasabonika Lake First Nation in order to enhance the livelihood, foster the spiritual and cultural development, and ensure prudent growth in the communal wealth of Kasabonika Lake First Nation.

This statement of Prevenient Interests is probably the closest we have come to being able to express our relationship to the land. It aligns with the Creator Law. The Creator Law governs our people and our land. It explains the responsibility we all have toward each other and creation.

We encourage anyone requiring further clarification to contact our resource policy administration office or view the policy document by clicking below. We note that we are currently updating our resource policy and expect to have a newly updated policy available by July 2014.

For more information about resource development initiatives and opportunities in Kasabonika Lake, please contact:

Josie Anderson SR., Deputy Chief           Eno H. Anderson, Resource Policy Coordinator

Kasabonika Lake First Nation                 Kasabonika Lake First Nation

Phone: (807) 535-2547 X228                 Phone: 807 535-9070


Mitch Diabo, Minerals Coordinator           Ton Knijnenburg, Resource Policy Advisor

Kasabonika Lake First Nation                 Egwaa management consulting

Phone: (807) 630-5431                         Phone: 807 620 3092

Download the Traditional Territory Lands and Resources Planning & Development Policy (October 2007) 

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