Mineral Exploration

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Since the year 2000 the primary focus of Kasabonika's economic development initiatives has been on mineral exploration. There are over 25 licensed prospectors in the community, some of who manage mineral claims of their own. The community is very active and takes a progressive approach to the pursuit of minerals.

Over the years Kasabonika has entered into various minerals exploration agreements and joint venture projects with exploration and mining companies. Kasabonika has also supplied a variety of good and services under contract with companies wishing to work in the Kasabonika Traditional Territory.

Kasabonika developed a resource policy in 2007. This policy is available on our “guiding principles” page. Kasabonika is currently going through a process to update our existing general resource policy by adding a specific policy that will deal with mineral exploration and mining only. Specific policies for other types of resource development will be added in the future if and when considered necessary by the people of Kasabonika.

For more information about resource development initiatives and opportunities in Kasabonika Lake, please contact:


Josie Anderson SR., Deputy Chief

Kasabonika Lake First Nation

Phone: (807) 535-2547 X228


Mitch Diabo, Minerals Coordinator

Kasabonika Lake First Nation

Phone: (807) 630-5431


Eno H. Anderson, Resource Policy Update Coordinator

Kasabonika Lake First Nation

Phone: (807) 535-9070


Ton Knijnenburg, Resource Policy Update Advisor

Egwaa Management Consulting

Phone: 807 620 3092

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