The leadership of Kasabonika Lake First Nation is comprised of an elected Chief and Council, duly elected by community members for a two year term of office. Chief and Council govern the operations of the First Nation which are delivered through the Band Office and include:
  • Administration
  • Health  
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Operations & Maintenance

From a Business Perspective, the Chief and Council have mandated the Kasabonika Community Development Corporation (KCDC) to serve as an umbrella corporation to help guide and oversee the day to day operations of its community owned business initiatives and sub-corporations.  

Law & Order:

  • Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services provides culturally appropriate policing services to Kasabonika Lake First Nation.
  • Provincial Court Services are provided on a quarterly basis.
  • Fire Protection is delivered by the local Fire Prevention Officer and a group of volunteers, who are available on a 24/7 on-call fire protection program.


The Emily Anderson Nursing Station is an indispensable contributor to the care and public health of all Kasabonika Lake residents. The Nursing Station services local, neighbouring and out of town guests with proper medical services in a remote community setting.


Kasabonika Lake operates the Chief Simeon McKay Education Centre. The elementary school has a student population of 304 and provides educational programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Secondary education services are provided to students from Kasabonika through Sioux Lookout. Students must leave the community and board in town to receive a secondary education.



- Bell Canada, direct dial phone service with long distance by satellite

 Local Radio

- WRN, broadcasts regularly along with Wawatay programming from Sioux Lookout


- Satellite


- Wawatay bi-weekly publication


- First Nation


- Monday to Friday, First Class


  • Air Services - scheduled and charter services. Our 3500' runway is in service with the Ministry of Transportation and float plane docking facilities are also available.
  • Winter Roads - a network of roads in the winter season allows for transportation of heavy goods in and out of the community by road.

Social Services:

Kasabonika Health Service Programs include:

  • Public Health
  • Tele-Health
  • Health Transportation
  • Emergency Care & Vision
  • Periodontal Dental Services
  • Diabetes Care
  • Mental Health


  • Water - Kasabonika has recently been serviced by a newer water system. Most homes have hot water tanks, running water and full indoor plumbing.
  • Sewage - Kasabonika has a mix of piped and trucked sewage services as well as an existing lagoon.
  • Waste - Kasabonika has a landfill site on the mainland. There is also a Biocel soil remediation site.
  • Electricity - Services are provided by Ontario Hydro One. Kasabonika is in the process of examining other sources of energy including hydro-electric and grid extension.
  • Heating -Most home heating is by wood stove although some homes and institutions use electric heat.


  • Community Centre - The Kasabonika Community Centre is home to many local community events from feasts, celebrations, bingos, meetings, and other social gatherings.
  • Faith - Spiritual beliefs are closely tied to the people of Kasabonika. Traditional medicines and rituals are still practiced amongst community members. Places of worship include the Anglican Church and the Gospel Church.
  • Dining -The Kasabonika Hotel is the local hot spot for guests and community members to enjoy fine Canadian cuisine as well as traditional foods.
  • Accommodation - Inexpensive rooms, goods friends and a smile are to be found at the Kasabonika Hotel.

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